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Meirovitch Public Relations

PR for High-Tech Companies

With decades of accumulated experience, Meirovitch Public Relations agency has positioned itself as one of Israel’s top notch high tech PR agencies. We know exactly what a company needs in order to reach customers, partners and investors in Israel and overseas. We are able to generate positive exposure in any relevant media outlet and position you as leaders and experts in your field.

It’s easy to work with us. We are knowledgeable of both your professional language and the language of the media. Our business is to generate positive and continuous exposure in any suitable medium: print, the web, radio or TV. Our consultants have a track record in generating maximum exposure for companies and businesses.

We specialize in leading public relations of high tech companies in both Israel and overseas, anywhere in the world, in any language. Our agency’s team masters the writing and editing work which is performed behind the scenes. This work leads to the kind of exposure needed in the business and trade media – both in Israel and overseas.

Meirovitch Public Relations has been managing fruitful relationships with reporters and editors in the business and trade media in Israel and over the globe. The agency is in constant contact with the media in fields such as the capital markets, high-tech, law and taxation, real estate, advertising and media, financial consulting, career, management and strategy. Meirovitch PR helps its customers translate their knowledge, experience and business successes into positive exposure in the business and trade media. The agency’s customers have gained access to the highest quality outlets in the business and trade media, on the web, on radio and on television.

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