Areas of Specialization

Meirovitch Public Relations

Public Relations for Life Sciences Start-Ups and Investors

Meirovitch PR has accumulated extensive experience in managing public relations for companies and investors in the Life Sciences field, including medical devices,  biotechnology and medical cannabis companies. The agency has gained significant track record in working with leading entrepreneurs, investors and venture capital funds in the industry, alongside technology incubators and start-ups. The agency has personal relationships with the leading journalists who cover biomed, which have resulted in extraordinary exposures in the media. Meirovitch PR’s team has also gained practical experience in covering the biomed and medical devices industries for trade magazines in Israel and overseas.

Among our clients: Memic, Beyeonics, CartiHeal, Sanolla, Olive Diagnostics, Cordio, SaNOtize, BioChange, Mileutis, AiVF, Salignostics, Restore Medical, and Ophthalmic Sciences. We accompany some of the leading investment organizations in Israel that active in this field, such as Peregrine Ventures and OurCrowd.

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