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Meirovitch Public Relations

Public Relations for Start-Up Companies

Our agency has experience from 2000 in managing public relations in Israel and abroad for around 250 start-up companies. The agency has initiated thousands of items on startups in the business and trade press in Israel and abroad and has accompanied many start-up companies from their establishment to successful exit.

Today, the agency works with startups in some of the hottest fields in high-tech including AI, electronics and semiconductors, automotive,  internet, e-commerce, fintech, consumer technology, energy and cleantech, agritech, foodtech, traveltech and biomed.

Meirovitch PR offers start-up companies the option of working per project.

In recent years, many start-ups whose international PR is led by our agency are at the top of rankings of the most promising companies by the business press, which in turn influences how they are perceived in Israel and over the globe. 

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