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Meirovitch Public Relations

PR for Electronics, Semiconductors and Automotive

Meirovitch PR currently has the best team in PR for electronics, semiconductors and automotive in Israel.

The agency conducts close and ongoing communication with reporters and editors in the media that covers the electronics, semiconductors and automotive sectors in Israel and over the globe, and also offers analyst relations in these fields.

Our contacts and work in the electronics, semiconductors and automotive sectors have generated thousands of media exposures all over the globe for our clients, including impactful coverage on top media outlets such as:

TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Forbes, CNBC, Wired, CNET, ZDNet, Business Insider, Nikkei, Digital Trends, Mashable, Daily Mail, Mirror, The Sun, EE Times, The Next Platform, IEEE Spectrum, eeNews Europe, Electronic Design, Electronics Weekly, New Electronics, Fierce Electronics, Automotive News, Automotive World,  Electrive, Motor1, Handelsblatt, Elektronik Praxis, Markt&Technik.

We have a deep understanding of the technical language and of the media outlets in the relevant fields and have initiated countless articles for our customers in publications in Israel, Europe, America and Asia.


The agency has gained experience in managing PR in Israel and overseas, including media relations for leading companies and promising startups such as:


Synopsys, Hailo, Autotalks, NeuReality, NeoLogic, Celeno, Habana Labs, NeuroBlade, TriEye, EVR Motors, Hi Auto, Spectralics, C2A Security, Ride Vision.

Our team’s experience includes editing of leading magazines in these fields, writing for leading international publications (EE Times, New
Electronics) and PR management for multinational companies such as Intel, Marvell, Analog Devices, Applied Materials and Qualcomm.

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